Years 3 to Year 5

Theme: Traditional and Modern   - Select one (1) lesson from each column

3-5ABM – The Chemist Shop (Bush Medicine and Aboriginal Women)​3-5TSITC – Transport and Communication in the Torres Strait Islands (Past and Present)​​3-5AST – Many Ways of Aboriginal Storytelling​3-5ATS – Role of Art in Recording Traditional Aboriginal Stories
​Learn how traditional Aboriginal women used the bush to provide medicines and compare the role women play as caregiver in traditional Aboriginal society to present day. Make your own natural insect repellent​Learn about and compare the different communication and transport methods of the Torres Strait Islands past and present with present day mainland Australia. Learn traditional hand signals as used presently across the Torres Strait Islands​Learn about the many ways Aboriginal people tell stories: through art, dance, song and traditional storytelling. Contrast traditional and contemporary methods and participate in a Platypus storytelling experienceLearn about traditional Aboriginal art used to record stories and compare to contemporary artworks. Create your own artwork to represent the Platypus storytelling session which combines traditional techniques with contemporary lino prints​
3-5ABF – Importance of Bush Foods to Aboriginal Families for Trade​3-5TSIR – Natural Resources and Recycling (Past and Present)​​3-5ATG – Traditional Games as an Educational Tool​3-5DIDG – Evolution of the Didgeridoo
Learn how traditional Aboriginal families relied on their natural environment to provide for their needs and compare to the present day. Experience trading as a way to obtain natural resources​Learn about the importance of natural resources in Torres Strait Island communities and how reduce, reuse and recycle have long been important. Compare the respect for the environment and how the 3R’s are embedded in Torres Strait Island life to present day mainland communities​​Learn about the different survival skills of traditional Aboriginal people and how games were used to teach these skills from a young age. Experience a traditional game and its modern day equivalent​Experience the changing sounds and shapes of this Aboriginal instrument and contrast the technology process of traditional and modern didgeridoo making. Join in a performance (girls - clap sticks, boys – didgeridoo)
3-5AFP – Food Preparation (Traditional and Modern)​3-5TSIS – Stories of the Torres Strait (Past and Present)​​3-5AMR – Hunting and Weaponry, Aboriginal Men’s Roles​3-5TMAA – Materials used in Traditional and Modern Aboriginal Artworks
​Learn the way food was prepared in traditional Aboriginal society and compare to present day methods. Weave your own serving mat from modern materials​Learn how traditional stories of the Torres Strait Islands are told and why they continue to be important. Participate in a traditional Torres Strait Island storytelling experience​Learn about the weapons traditional Aboriginal men used and how they hunted to provide for their families. Compare this with modern day practice. Experience a demonstration of traditional hunting weaponsLearn what materials and tools are used by Aboriginal artists to produce traditional and contemporary art. Produce your own artwork with ochres and charcoal applied using a variety of traditional techniques​

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