Year 6 to Year 7

Theme:  Social Structures and Law/Lore  - Select one (1) lesson from each column

​6-7AFS – Changing Structure of Aboriginal Families​6-7TSIFS – Changing Structure of Torres Strait Island Families​6-7AST – The Role of Storytelling in Teaching Aboriginal Lore​6-7ATA – How Aboriginal Lore is Intrinsically Linked to Traditional and Contemporary Aboriginal Art
​Learn about traditional Aboriginal kinship and compare to your own present day family structure.  Learn about the impact of colonisation and democracy on traditional Aboriginal families​Learn about traditional structure of Torres Strait Island families including the important role of Uncle to boys and young men.  Compare with your own family structure and discuss how colonisation has impacted on Torres Strait Island family structure​Learn about the importance of storytelling for teaching lore and how colonisation and democracy have impacted on the oral tradition within Aboriginal social structure.  Participate in a story and share a story of your own​Learn how Aboriginal lore is strongly linked to Aboriginal artwork despite the impact of colonisation and democracy. Create a collaborate sand art design using traditional techniques
​6-7YAG – Role of a Young Aboriginal Girl​6-7TSIHG – Hunter and Gatherer (Roles of Men and Women in Torres Strait Islander Culture)​6-7ATG - Traditional Games Teaching Aboriginal Lore​6-7ALK –Aboriginal Art relating to Lore and Kinship
​Experience damper making using traditional techniques while learning about the traditional role and responsibilities of a young Aboriginal girl.  Discuss how colonisation and democracy impacted on these roles​Learn about Torres Strait Islander men’s role as Hunter and enjoy a demonstration of weaponry.  Discuss the impact of colonisation and democracy on the traditional role of Torres Strait Island men as Hunter​Learn how games were used in traditional Aboriginal society to teach aspects of the lore, particularly, respect for animals and land.  Participate in a traditional game​Learn how Aboriginal artists illustrate kinship relationships in paintings and create their own kinship painting.   Discuss the impact of colonisation on this practice