​Welcome to NGUTANA-LUI - "To Teach"

COVID19 Information

At Ngutana-Lui,  we understand that there is community concern around COVID-19 and public spaces and events.  

This is why we are taking proactive measures to ensure that we are exercising a high-level of duty of care to all visitors to our centre and staff.
January 2021 Update

Ngutana-Lui Programs are running again in 2021, however, this could change with little to no notice. We also may need to look at limiting student numbers from our normal capacity. 

If you have a tentative booking, please contact us to confirm if you wish to proceed.

We are  taking bookings for all terms in 2021,  so if you wish to book please email us or call 3033 7222 to secure your preferred date.

Welcome Message

Immerse yourself in the richness and diversity of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

In a full day program (9.30am-2:00pm) students, teachers, parents and caregivers, will experience the living traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  Activities include aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, both traditional and contemporary.

Our programs are designed to align with the Australian National Curriculum, for all grades from Prep to Year 12 and beyond.


Please note:  while you are more than welcome to take as many photographs as you like, please ask permission from our staff before any filming is done.​​​​​​​​

​Acknowledgement of Country

As Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people together, let us have a sense of the importance of the country upon which we are standing,

where learning and ceremony has taken place over many thousands of years.

 Let us sense the land beneath our feet and acknowledge to whom it belongs - The People,

and pay our respects to their elders and all elders,  past, present and future

​Featured Photo Gallery



Aboriginal Dancershttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rdancers.jpgAboriginal Dancers
Traditional Face Paintinghttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/r044.JPGTraditional Face Painting
Hands-on Activitieshttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/r008 (2).JPGHands-on Activities
Welcomehttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rDSC_0201.jpgWelcome
Bushwalkinghttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/r_MG_3168shpped.jpgBushwalking
Food and Fibrehttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rfood_fibre.jpgFood and Fibre
Boomerang Throwinghttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_019.JPGBoomerang Throwing
Artifact Displayhttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_072.JPGArtifact Display
Groundshttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_132.JPGGrounds
Beautiful Groundshttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_137.JPGBeautiful Grounds
Didgeridoo Playinghttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_139.JPGDidgeridoo Playing
Hands-on Activitieshttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_076.JPGHands-on Activities