Program Purpose

​The purpose of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Visitation Program is to promote reconciliation through the developing cultural understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The philosophy of the Centre is based on a holistic view of creation and spirituality. This is the heart of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and is central to the program provided.

This is portrayed throughout the program offered to schools in both traditional and contemporary contexts.

Cultural Visitation Program
  • Aims to initiate action which raises social justice issues (relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education), and thereafter is involved in exploring, resolving and integrating solutions into Catholic Education policies and practices.

  • The Program delivers comprehensive, detailed, high quality programs, which inherently express Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Pre-visit preparation, a key element, enables teache​rs to become more aware of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies place in all key learning areas. It includes focus areas of Aboriginal Culture (History / Dreaming Stories, Song and Dance, Bushwalk) and Torres Strait Islander Culture (History \ Stories, Song and Dance).​




Hands-on Activities Photo Gallery/r008 (2).JPGHands-on Activities
Traditional Face Painting Photo Gallery/r044.JPGTraditional Face Painting
Aboriginal Dancers Photo Gallery/rdancers.jpgAboriginal Dancers
Bushwalking Photo Gallery/r_MG_3168shpped.jpgBushwalking
Welcome Photo Gallery/rDSC_0201.jpgWelcome
Food and Fibre Photo Gallery/rfood_fibre.jpgFood and Fibre
Boomerang Throwing Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_019.JPGBoomerang Throwing
Artifact Display Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_072.JPGArtifact Display
Hands-on Activities Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_076.JPGHands-on Activities
Grounds Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_132.JPGGrounds
Beautiful Grounds Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_137.JPGBeautiful Grounds
Didgeridoo Playing Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_139.JPGDidgeridoo Playing