Year 8 to Year 10

Theme:  Values and Beliefs  - Select one (1) lesson from each column

​8-10AVB – Women’s Roles in Teaching Values and Beliefs​8-10TSILS – Importance of Land and Sea to the People of the Torres Strait Islands​8-10AST –Contemporary Aboriginal Story Telling– songs, values, beliefs​8-10ATA – Messages within Contemporary Aboriginal Art
​Learn about the important traditional value of respect for the land through collaborative construction of coolamons (girls) and preparation of resources (boys)​Learn about the value of natural resources of land and sea to Torres Strait Island people and how respect for their environment is passed on to the younger generations. Discuss the impact of colonisation on the natural environment​Learn how contemporary Aboriginal songs and stories convey the values and beliefs of Aboriginal culture to new generations. Discuss the work of YothuYindi and Artie Roach​Discover the story of Lin Onis and his journey through life and how it directed him to become one of the most well-known contemporary Aboriginal artists of his time
​8-10AWR – Disruption of Women’s Role within Aboriginal Families​8-10TSITD –Turtle and Dugong – Past and Present Day Protections​8-10ATG – The Kangaroo Experience: Story and Traditional Game​8-10AEE– The Emu Experience through Discovery and Taste
​Learn how the roles of women from traditional Aboriginal society have been disrupted since colonisation and depicted through an interpretation of artwork and poetry​Learn about the traditional respect for land sea that protected turtle and dugong and compare with present day protections. Discover the impact on turtle and dugong survival in post-colonial times​Learn how the traditional games were used to teach children about their responsibilities in hunting and respect for animals and the land. Experience the kangaroo game​Discover the emu from a variety of perspectives to gain a greater understanding of the importance of this animal to Aboriginal people. Taste testing optional
​8-10AWRT – How are traditional Aboriginal women’s roles maintained in today’s society?​8-10TSIRT – How are traditional Torres Strait Island roles maintained in today’s society?​8-10ASCK – Who are the Keepers of the Stories and Cultural Knowledge today?​8-10AKA – Who are the Keepers of the Art today?
​Discover how Aboriginal women maintain kinship, identity and cultural practices in a changing world​Learn how Torres Strait Island men and women maintain their traditional roles and teach the younger generations cultural knowledge and respect in a world of constant change​Learn how Aboriginal stories are maintained and cultural knowledge is passed on to present day generations of Aboriginal people through an exploration of the role of the Elder and story-teller​Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the artist and how they live out the lore from generations past. Hear a personal story of how art styles represent kinship