Booking your Excursion

  • ​​Pick your date - Please book as far in advance as possible and have some alternative dates in mind.
  • Pick your lessons - Peruse our program overview - found at this website under The Cultural Visitation Program
  • Call the Centre (07) 3033 7200 to discuss available dates and to book the day

Things to consider:

  • How many students and/or adults will be coming? And what year levels?
  • Do you have any special requirements or focus for the day or people with special needs?
  • Are there any travel/time restrictions which may affect the program?
  • Book as far in advance as possible, and have some alternative dates in mind.




Hands-on Activities Photo Gallery/r008 (2).JPGHands-on Activities
Traditional Face Painting Photo Gallery/r044.JPGTraditional Face Painting
Aboriginal Dancers Photo Gallery/rdancers.jpgAboriginal Dancers
Bushwalking Photo Gallery/r_MG_3168shpped.jpgBushwalking
Welcome Photo Gallery/rDSC_0201.jpgWelcome
Food and Fibre Photo Gallery/rfood_fibre.jpgFood and Fibre
Boomerang Throwing Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_019.JPGBoomerang Throwing
Artifact Display Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_072.JPGArtifact Display
Hands-on Activities Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_076.JPGHands-on Activities
Grounds Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_132.JPGGrounds
Beautiful Grounds Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_137.JPGBeautiful Grounds
Didgeridoo Playing Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_139.JPGDidgeridoo Playing