Centre Background
​​The Ngutana-Lui Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Studies Centre was established in 1989 by Brisbane Catholic Education in conjunction with the Aboriginal and Islander Catholic Council and the local community.

The Centre is located in the Moreton Region about 15 kilometres south west of Brisbane in the grounds of St Mark's Parish, Inala.

The aims of the Centre are to promote reconciliation, through education and to develop and enhance cultural knowledge, understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The philosophy of the centre is based on a holistic view of creation, recognizing that humanity is part of the environment and not separate to it.

A relaxed, friendly atmosphere was created to express teaching / learning styles, which reflect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, providing opportunities for teachers and students to explore aspects of both traditional and contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies.




Hands-on Activitieshttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/r008 (2).JPGHands-on Activities
Traditional Face Paintinghttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/r044.JPGTraditional Face Painting
Aboriginal Dancershttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rdancers.jpgAboriginal Dancers
Bushwalkinghttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/r_MG_3168shpped.jpgBushwalking
Welcomehttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rDSC_0201.jpgWelcome
Food and Fibrehttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rfood_fibre.jpgFood and Fibre
Boomerang Throwinghttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_019.JPGBoomerang Throwing
Artifact Displayhttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_072.JPGArtifact Display
Hands-on Activitieshttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_076.JPGHands-on Activities
Groundshttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_132.JPGGrounds
Beautiful Groundshttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_137.JPGBeautiful Grounds
Didgeridoo Playinghttp://www.ngcc.qld.edu.au/Featured Photo Gallery/rNgutana Lui_139.JPGDidgeridoo Playing