Prep to Year 2

Theme:  Celebrations - Select one (1) lesson from each column


P-2BMC– Bunya Mountains Ceremony

P-2TSIC – Celebrations within Torres Strait Islands Culture

P-2AST - Story Telling at Aboriginal Celebrations

P-2ATA– Recording Traditional Aboriginal Celebrations through Art

Learn how the Bunya Mountains Ceremony is celebrated:  long ago and in the present day.  Includes discussion of location, food gathering, traditional dress and artwork

Learn about two traditional Torres Strait Island celebrations-  the traditional dress, instruments and artefacts used.  Participate in a sit-down Torres Strait Island dance

Learn how traditional Aboriginal celebrations included storytelling and participate in a dreaming story as told during traditional Aboriginal celebrations

Experience drawing using Aboriginal art symbols and patterns as used long ago to record traditional Aboriginal celebrations. Create a take home art piece


P-2TDC – Traditional Dress at Celebrations

P-2TSIMD – Music and Dance in Traditional Torres Strait Island Celebrations

P-2AMR - Aboriginal Men’s Roles during Celebrations

P-2AI – Instruments used in Aboriginal Celebrations

Learn how women used natural fibres to make garments worn at traditional Aboriginal celebrations. Dress and make your own wrist/ankle band using traditional techniques

Learn about traditional Torres Strait Island instruments and the relationship between traditional dress worn and dancing performed during different celebrations

Learn about the traditional weapons used by Aboriginal men to carry out their roles preparing for celebrations.  Watch a demonstration of how the weapons were used

Learn about and experience clap sticks, didgeridoo, gum leaves and bull roarer as played in celebrations and take part in a traditional Aboriginal celebration performance


P-2WBF –Role of Women and Bush Food in Celebrations

P-2TSIL – Language used in Torres Strait Island Celebrations

P-2ATG - Traditional Games at Aboriginal Celebrations

P-2DAM – Roles the Didgeridoo plays in Celebrations : Art and Music

Learn how women and bush foods contributed to traditional Aboriginal celebrations.  Make a traditional cooking vessel from modern materials

Learn about the different  languages of the Torres Strait Islands including words from the Kala-Lagau-Ya  language used to describe instruments and traditional dress worn at celebrations

Learn about the importance of games played at traditional Aboriginal celebrations and experience playing a traditional game

Learn how the didgeridoo is regarded as an art form as well as an instrument in Aboriginal celebrations.  Participate in a group performance